Music Visualizer

For an extra project - and mainly for fun - my buddy Brijesh and I developed a 3D Hologram music visualizer. We had seen similar things in the past, but we wanted to create one to visualize any song that we presented it. The complete hologram video can be found here, a short (bad quality due to lighting) video of us using it here, and the code can be found here The hologram generator was made using an iPhone screen and a miniature plexiglass pyramid made out of old CD cases was used to direct the light from the phone screen into a central area giving a 3 dimensional effect.

The music visualizer itself was developed in the Unity 3D game engine. It incorporated a basic sphere with 32 ‘buildings’ projecting out of the sphere. The sphere itself would oscillate and appear to ‘bounce’ with the overall decibel level at that current point in the song. This effect was actually caused by a slight motion along the Z-axis in the camera rig we developed. The buildings on the sphere would grow/shrink and change color based on the level of a certain corresponding frequency in the audible range of the song and its ratio compared to the lowest and highest frequencies heard up to that point. Four cameras were placed strategically around this object at different angles which when projected through the prism described above would show it in a 3 dimensional space to ‘pop out’ of the phone.

Now, we know its nothing much yet, but future plans are to use a TV screen and a larger prism to allow larger/better holograms. Currently the program must be loaded with the song already, but we would like to add a textbox to integrate with SoundCloud's API to make it realtime.


  • Year : Dec 2016
  • Event : Class Project
  • Awards/Honors : None