MIPS Assembly Calculator

For the university's Computer Organization course, we had to design and develop an expression evaluator that would take inputs such as the following...

Given A=5 stored in a data segment, compute
E = (A * 5) / 12 + A

Given B = 12 and C = 6 in a data segment, compute 
A = B % C + 15 * -4 + C

The calculator needed to parse and evaluate an expression using correct order of operations, and substituting variables for their values wherever needed. The final answer had to be saved to the memory location referenced by the variable on the left side of the equation. All of the variables and expressions were given in a data segment, that our MIPS assembly calculator then had to parse and solve.

  • Year : May 2017
  • Event : For CSE 341
  • Awards/Honors : A not too crappy grade