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Hi there! 👋🏼  I'm Dan, somebody who's just trying to get through this crazy world while some having fun and learning a thing or two along the way. I'm a software engineer by profession, but my interests and goals are much larger than just code. I want to make a positive impact in the world, and code is just one avenue that I use to achieve that.

What I Do


I have experience designing solutions across different problem domains, from websites, dynamic web services, microservices, and infrastructure services.


Talk is cheap, and I have +5 years of professional software development experience, many of which involved global businesses and product-critical systems.


I build for the 1st user, but design for the 1,000,000th. Designing long-term systems & solutions is a challenging problem that I have experience with.


I thrive in communities. I try to promote and contribute back to open source projects, and I use my free time to mentor students, work with peers, and volunteer with the community.

Employers & Partners

Fun Facts


1,400+ mi I am big into biking around NYC, with more than 1,400 miles tracked in Strava this year.


1,000s+ hrs I have spent wayy too much time playing iRacing, but it's great and I'm not half bad at it.


130,000+ I have surpassed 130,000 views across my different blog posts & articles. Thanks!


Recent Experience

2021 - Current
Salesforce / Heroku

Infrastructure Engineer

I am working with a small team to adapt & refactor core, critical codepaths of our cloud Platform-as-a-Service to migrate from Upstart to Systemd which will allow us upgrade our internal services.

2018 - 2021
Bloomberg, LP

Production Engineer

I designed and implemented a generic cloud infrastructure management system that is used across both proprietary and public cloud data centers, managing +5,000 machines - both virtual and bare metal - across +70 clusters.

I orchestrated infrastructure using interwoven micro-services written in Go, Java, and Python Django, and is served to end-users through React web interfaces and command line interfaces (CLIs). The system is used by internal data services teams to manage and deploy their products for global company consumption.

2015 - Current
FIRST Robotics


I help to inspire the next generation of engineers & leaders by competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, where students learn technical and soft skills through the design, manufacturing, and assembly process of a robot. Personal mentoring focus in the Programming, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), & Public Relations areas.


SUNY University at Buffalo

Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science

I was elected Vice President of the local Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter.

I was selected to assist the Computer Science & Engineering program with redesigning, modernizing, and improving courses in the major to be more competitive.

Read my resume for more information!

Technical Roles

  • Software Engineer
  • Open Source Contributor
  • Speaker
  • Volunteer
  • Mentor
  • Technical Writer
  • Founder in Progress
  • Consultant
  • Web Developer

Knowledge Areas

  • Fullstack Development
  • Web Scaling
  • Dev Ops
  • Kubernetes
  • Problem-Solving
  • Infrastructure Management
  • AWS
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Project Documentation

Where is My Code?

Heroku Private Spaces

Heroku Private Spaces

Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal

BQuant Enterprise

BQuant Enterprise

Rise Nutrition

Rise Nutrition



ACV Auctions

ACV Auctions

Fast 'n Fun iRacing

Fast 'n Fun iRacing

G-House Pirates FRC

G-House Pirates FRC


The following are my articles published to Dev.to and Medium.


New York City / Remote

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